Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cholula Hot Sauce

I never liked hot sauce growing up. My Dad's hot sauce of choice was Tabasco, which I still remember being put on my thumbs to get me to stop sucking them. I stopped, eventually. But, I digress . . . I still didn't like hot sauce the first 5 years of marriage. But, mysteriously and suddenly I have come to love Cholula hot sauce. I can't explain it at all, except maybe my husband's love of Cholula has subconsciously turned me into a fan. Needless to say, he's happy and proud about my conversion. Do you like hot sauce? What kind or brand?


Valerie said...

Erin, I love the new blog and I think it's a fantastic idea! Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

As far as hot sauce goes, I'm a big fan of Frank's Red Hot- it's my fave.

SFNielsens said...

I am finding this pretty darn funny because just yesterday Matthew was making a case for Cholula and how amazing it is. He's a fan! I don't really do hot sauce.

Kenzie Rose said...

Ditto on the Cholula! It's the only one I will eat and I love it (in moderation because I am still a total wuss)!