Friday, January 15, 2010

To Resolve or Not to Resolve, that is the question

This year I have not made any formal resolutions, like I did last year. I have to say I'm pretty proud I was really good about honoring those resolutions for most of the year, then life got a whole lot more complicated and I needed to make some changes. This year I decided I want to simplify and balance my life. I'm the type of person who has a million ideas, starts a thousand, and finishes one (if I'm lucky). So, I'm trying to be very picky about how I spend my time and what ideas go from drawing board to reality. I'm liking the idea of picking one thing to focus on for the month.

This month I decided to focus on my run club and my role as an officer, the Flashmeister. I'm in charge of taking photos during our club activities. Lately, that's mostly been our weekly Saturday morning runs. I started spotlighting a member each week to learn more about each other, and that's gone really well. A club friend lent me his digital SLR for the week to play around with, which I was pretty stoked about (and TOTALLY sold on - the photos here are from playing around with it). So, I'm working on exploring my creativity through photography. I wish I were better and would really like to take a formal photography class one day (oh, maybe when I get my own digital SLR - my hubby and I are drooling over this one that will film HD movies). I'll report on how this goes through out the month.

Thinking ahead, my goal for February is sewing. there are several projects I need to choose from. I want to do another pillow for our Ikea chairs, a tote bag for commuting to work, and that infamous baby quilt that kicked my butt a few months ago. I'll post my decision on February 1 and report through out February on my progress.

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