Thursday, February 18, 2010

Looking Forward

One of my dearest friends is getting married on Saturday in Los Angeles, so my hubby and I are packing up the car tomorrow and making the seven hour drive down. Sadly, it will be a quick trip and we'll drive back home on Sunday. But, this means less time off of work and we don't have to find someone to take care of our cat, Roland.
Some things I'm really looking forward to are:
1. Seeing my dear friend Sarah tie the knot here (learn more about Mormon temples here)
2. Watching the ring ceremony here
3. Enjoy the reception here
4. Side trip to Cafe Rio in Lake Forest, sure it's an extra hour there and back from LA, but it's the closest we've gotten in four years. NOTHING compares to Cafe Rio pork salads and burritos.
5. Enjoying not having to clean up after ourselves at the hotel.
Yeah for weddings!

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