Sunday, July 11, 2010

Onesie Tutorial

You'll need stabilizer, double-sided fusing material, a hoop, scissors, thread, and the fabric of your choice. For this onesie I was provided the butterfly flannel by a client, and luckily had several threads on hand to choose from.

Next, cut out your shape from the fabric.

Lay out the fabric however you like best. Consider adding detail to the back side of the onesie, for a fun touch.

Cut out a piece of double-sided fusing and follow instructions for applying to the fabric. (note: the correct and easier way is to cut out the general shape, trace the shape on the fusing, cut and apply the fusing, then cut the shape to the exact shape you want.)

Remove the paper and follow the fusing instructions to adhere to the onesie.
Next, cut out a piece of stabilizer at least as big as the embroidery hoop. Lay out and combine all layers.
Sew along the outline, adding antenae free hand style, if desired.
Pull threads from top through the bottom. Do this by lightly tugging on the length of the bottom thread (from the bobbin) until you see a loop pop through. Gently pull on the loop as the top string comes through to the bottom. Tie the two threads together and trim.
Trim excess stabilizer.

Finally, iron the onesie flat.


Sullivan said...

Oh my gosh Erin! You know how much I loved the onesies Brooke and Patrick had, but this is adorable! I love the little butterfly on the back-adorable. I'm going to have to talk to you to see what you might be able to do with t-shirts for the kids. I love this!

Gram-cracker said...

I don't know if you ill ever see this, but I have copied the directions so I can make them myself. Thanks so much for the beautiful job you did on the onesie.
love you.