Friday, February 25, 2011

Favorite Friday!

Each Friday I post one of my favorite things.  This week I want to share an item that is cheap, simple, and totally changed my life.  No joke. 

I've always struggled with clothes piling up on the floor until it resembled a small mountain.  However, living in 350 square feet only emphasizes messes and even makes them seem worse than they are.  So, it didn't take too long to realize my bad habit of just tossing my worn clothes on the floor was causing me serious trouble.  Walking into the bedroom I would immediately get angry and stressed out from the mess. 

The HubLub (my brilliant husband) suggested one day to get over-the-door hooks for our closet to hang jackets and things, since our closet is small to begin with.  We picked up something like this from Target, and did some closet re-arranging. 

The clothes hamper ended up inside the closet, right beneath our hanging clothes, and our make-shift dresser is right next to that.  So, when I come home from work it's super easy to hang up everything in the closet, dump the dirty clothes in the hamper, and change into my jeans and t-shirt.  (This habit was encouraged by a post on about only touching something once.  Instead of putting the clothes on the floor, and then days later picking up the clothes and then hanging them up, you save energy and time but just immediately putting things in there rightful place right away.  For some reason that really struck me, and always pops in my head when I need the reminder.  It really does save energy, time, and peace of mind.)
Now, when I see a clothes item on the floor, instead of getting angry or stressed out, I don't even think about it-I just grab it and hang it on the hook.  It's amazing the peacefulness that's come about by not having clothes on the floor.  It's my zen :)

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