Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BzzAgent SC Johnson Smart & Easy Spring Cleaning

As you know, I'm a BzzAgent.  In addition to trying Silk soy and almond milk products, I recently got a chance to try out some cleaning products from SC Johnson: Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean Mega Shower Foamer, Pledge Lemon Clean, Continuous Clean Toilet Cleaning Gel, and Glade Sparkle of Spring scented candle.  I got to try these products for free and now I get to tell you what I think of them.  I don't get paid for these reviews, so you can be sure they are my honest feelings.

Scrubbing Bubbles: I've tried this product in the past and this version is nearly identical.  I had some serious soap scum to get rid of in our shower when we moved from our old place and this is the product I used to try to get it back to looking as new as possible.  It did a fine job.  I did have to repeat the process a second time to really get everything, but I could really sense it making the soap come off more easily than just scrubbing or using an abrasive like Comet.  I used it on the toilet and bathroom sink and it did a great job there too.  For some reason I can't explain I think I prefer using that to a multi purpose cleaner like 409, but they do the same job.  Maybe it's the foaming?  I don't know about the "Extend a Clean" claim, but I do feel like using this product once a week to maintain the shower would have been a smarter think to do than a once-a-month deep clean.

Pledge Lemon Clean dust spray: This seemed like the same product I've used before - nothing wrong here though.  It's a good smelling dust spray.  It's not a product I use very often, I find I use microfiber towels or Swiffer sheets to do my dusting most often.

Toilet Cleaning Gel: this is a really strong smelling product, but the smell is good enough (Fresh Clean).  I'm not a fan of products that sit inside the toilet bowl, so I can't imagine purchasing this in the future.

Scented candle: this is a good but strong smelling candle.  I haven't even lit it yet because I haven't needed to yet.  It's a good smell, a bit citrusy.    It's pretty, too.  I have a candle warmer and will try that out to see how it works.  It's been long enough that I'm not noticing the candle very often so it's probably a good time to either light it or warm it to release more of the fragrance.

Have you tried any of these products?

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