Sunday, June 26, 2011

27 inch iMac Computer Cozy

The HubLub wanted something to protect our new computer from dust and was using a rag as a temporary solution until he could find something.  I jokingly offered to make a Cozy (you know, those cheesey things you see at Grandma's house covering the toaster, blender, kleenex box, etc.), but he said yes!  I thought more about it and figured I could use some leftover scraps and quickly sew something up.  It was a bit trickier than I expected once I realized that the base that attaches to the back of the monitor meant that the top and bottom would be different dimensions.  I ran out of the cool fabric I had, but just sewed some coordinating fabric to make up the difference, and since it's on the back, you don't notice it.

What you'll need:

Fabric of your choice at least 58 inches long and 20 inches wide
Coordinating thread
An hour or two

If your fabric is directional, keep that in mind when you're choosing your top (I didn't and it was too late to turn back).  Fold the fabric in half, right sides together with the fold on the left and the raw edges on the right.  At the top right edge mark with a pen or pin 27.75 inches from the left folded edge.  At the bottom right edge mark 28.75 inches from the left folded edge.  Take a straight edge to cut a line from the top measurement to the bottom measurement.  Pin 1/4 inch around the top and right side parallel to the edge.  Dry fit the cozy on the computer, keeping the fabric inside out so the pins DO NOT come in contact with the computer.  Adjust fit as needed.  Sew 1/4 inch seam around top and side.  Trim the top corners to reduce bulk when turned right side out.  Press seams out.  Pin and press bottom under 1/2 inch.  Sew 1/4 inch seam around bottom.  Turn inside out and slip over computer.  Sit back and enjoy.

Keep an eye out for my Cozy 2.0.  I've got some great ideas to improve the cozy from the LubHub and they may make their way to my etsy shop.  Of course, I'll post it here first.

Please comment below if you have any questions or if you've made the cozy and how it turned out!

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