Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Preparing for the Inevitable

Photo courtesy of K-Log.

In light of the recent earthquakes on the east coast and Colorado, this serves as a gentle reminder that things beyond our control happen all the time.  But, there are things that are withinin our control, which can give us peace, if we do our part to prepare.

I realize this is a bit of a morbid post, but I think talking about important things like preparing for our inevitable death is important if not essential. 

Last week, one of my favorite blogs featured a post about preparing an "In Case Of" file for your loved ones when you die.  It tells them after you die everything they need to know to deal with all those things you don't think about, like closing down your Facebook or Twitter accounts.  It's more than a will with bequests, it's all the little mundane things, too, like if you have a child who has music lessons when and where those are.

It really got me thinking and motivated to get started on mine.  It's going to take some time to amass all the online accounts I access, with their log ins, passwords, and security questions.  I came across this document that I know will give me a starting point, and it may be helpful to you, too.

Don't forget - this information is highly confidential, make sure you password protect, incrypt, or file in a safe place like a locked, fireproof safe, or in your file drawer under an inocuous label like Old Recipes.

Do you already have an "In Case Of" file?  What has worked for you in getting it started?

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