Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yesterday I went on a long run and came upon a runner who had fallen, hit his head, and was unresponsive but breathing.  The first person on the scene was an off duty police officer and he contacted 911.  The rest of us stood by to help however we could while we waited for the paramedics.  He didn't seem to have ID on him.  Someone suggested checking his phone/mp3 player to call the last dialed number to find out who he was and to notify his family.  It took a while to figure out how to work his smartphone and then call through the recently dialed numbers.  Most seemed to be businesses.  Finally, 20 minutes later we were able to find someone who knew who he was.  I left after the paramedics arrived since there wasn't any more help I could offer.  On my way home I remembered having seen a product called Road I.D., a wrist band with emergency information for a situation just like this.  I had considered getting one in the past but thought $20 was a bit expensive, and that bringing my cell phone was good enough.  I've changed my mind after this experience and just placed an order for a Road I.D.  You certainly don't need a "Road I.D." specific brand, but it's important to find some way to communicate important information when you are unable to communicate yourself, especially if you are an athlete and go out alone.  You can google to find a coupon code, most seem to be 10% or $1 off.  Don't wait until it's too late.