Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Carpe Diem 4

I guess yesterday got me paying more attention to what's happening around me. I was sitting on the Bart train for my 40 minute ride to work absorbed in my book. After a few stops I looked up for really no good reason and saw a cute family: mom, dad, a young girl, and younger boy, all standing up in the aisle next to me. I looked back down at my book and started to read again but I couldn't focus. I just couldn't stay seated with these little kids and tired looking parents. I stood up and asked the mom if she'd like the seat. Her husband translated and she sat down and drew her son to her side. Admittedly I gave myself a pat on the back, but really I just couldn't not do it. I kept looking around hopefully expecting someone else to offer up their seat to the dad and daughter still standing. It didn't happen.

And for today's photo we have "Rolls" our beloved cat. I was about to get up and get some things done but I saw how comfy he was and I just couldn't disturb this sweet cuddle time just yet. :) This counts more as savoring than seizing, but that's just fine!

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