Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Carpe Diem 10

Image from The Wall Street Journal Online.

Today I was surfing Pinterest again and came across a nifty little post from The Wall Street Journal online about The 25 Documents You Need Before You Die.  It reminded me of another post from one of my favorite websites, Unclutterer.com, that I read last year which really inspired me to get my online life in order by creating an In-Case-Of-File.  Not only for those left behind when I die, but for me now to have a secure location with all my updated websites/log ons/passwords.

I started my In-Case-Of-File several months ago when I happened to have nothing else to do at the time.  It was a bit laborious and frustrating, and I haven't worked on it since.  Until tonight.  I kept wondering today how I was going to seize the day.  I figured what better way than to stop procrastinating on this project and jump right back into it.  (It was hard to turn off The Big Bang Theory and get cracking, I'll admit.)

Again it proved laborious and time consuming.

The good thing was I got my four different email address straightened out and consolidated.  Gmail is great for that.  I have my main email address that I use daily, but I also have my old hotmail address that some people still send emails to, my professional email account, and my pseudonym account I like to use for my online presence.  Instead of checking four different emails all the time, I just have the three extra email inboxes forwarded to my main one.  There were a few bugs, and some emails hadn't been getting forwarded.  So, straightening that up took a bit of time.  But, it was helpful because going through all these old junk emails I was able to take note of a bunch of websites I have accounts with and took the time to log in and update my passwords, change my email preferences (stop sending me emails I don't read already!), and clean them up.

Ahhh.  I feel the zen-like peace approaching.  I'm still not done, but I feel a whole lot better and even more encouraged to keep it up.  Tomorrow, in fact, I plan to spend at least an hour on it.

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