Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Carpe Diem 18

This is day 18 of my project to seize each day.  You can learn more about what inspired this 30-day project here.  

Today was another rainy day.  I got off the train grateful for the advantages of daylight savings.  My husband was working late and I was in no particular hurry to get home so as I was leaving the station I decided to take the long way home.  It's really not much longer, but I'm usually in a hurry so I take advantage of every second I can.

I'd never walked that way home from the station before and I thought, what the heck?  Why not!  I opened up my umbrella and found myself looking down at the ground, weaving through the people ahead of me-I guess on auto pilot hurry mode.

A gentleman passed me and asked me which way the train was headed that just pulled out of the station.  As I continued on my way I caught the eye of a friend from church and smiled hello.  Small world.  Isn't it funny to think of ripple effects like that?

As I continued on my way I noticed just how much prettier it is on that side of the station.  I decided to snap some pictures as I enjoyed my walk.  I think one of them is of a walnut tree, if you look closely you should be able to see the black walnuts.

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