Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Carpe Diem 29

This is day 29 of my project to seize each day. You can learn more about what inspired this 30-day project here.

This has a bit to do with the problem I was explaining on day 28 with trying to get into a routine.  I'm learning some times you just have to commit, and if you make a mistake, just keep trying.  So, today, I slept in.  Again.  Ug!  So, I was pretty irritated with myself all day about it.  On my way home I decided that I should just go for the easy 3 mile run I had missed in the morning.  It was still light out and my husband wasn't going to be home from work for probably another hour, so I really didn't have an excuse not to do it.  So, I seized the day, or what was left of it, and did my run.  It was rough, I'll admit.  Running first thing in the morning I feel much more energized and brisk, by the end of the day I'm tired and my legs feel like bricks.  But, the important thing is that I did it.
Also, on my way home I saw this photcar with "Carpe Diem" on the window and just had to share with you all.  I'm not sure the story behind it, but it was just too perfect.
Lesson learned: it's okay if you fail, you just have to keep trying.  You may not be able to accomplish your goal in the time and way you expected and that's okay, because the bottom line is that you accomplished it.


Sullivan said...

I can relate, it has been super hard for me to get up at 5:30 a.m. to run since we got back from vacation. Last night I said to myself that tomorrow is the day I get back on track. Of course it was pouring rain and Molly and I got soaked, but I got up and ran!

ErinLub said...

That's so awesome! You inspire me.