Thursday, March 1, 2012

Carpe Diem 5

I was sitting in the kitchen at work eating my lunch and reading a book.  Outside the skies were gray and gloomy.  The streets 31 stories below were still wet from the morning rain.  I looked at my watch and figured I had about 30 minutes left until I had to get back to my desk.  I could either stay where I was somewhat warm and cozy and finish the book I was really enjoying (On Writing by Stephen King) or I could grab my umbrella, put on my coat and go for a walk.

Well, it was a no brainer.  With the spirit of Chris speaking to my mind-

"Grab a poncho, put your spare goggles in a zip lock bag, and get after it. There’s no time like the present; we are all subjects of a natural cycle. What we do with the time we are given is our choice."

-I geared up and headed outside.  In the same spirit, I decided to walk a route I'd never done before.  I headed north a few blocks, hooked a right and then an immediate left when my path was blocked by a pretty shady character.  At that point the sun had started to peak through the clouds and I saw the most magical thing.

A block ahead of me was an upscale apartment complex and out in front was a sculpture about 10 feet tall in the shape of a circle.  The center was hollow, as you'd expect, and I suppose it's normally a water feature with water sprinkling down the hollow.  Since it had been raining, there was a mist coming off the sculpture as the wind passed through it and the light was hitting it just right that you could see it floating in the wind.  It was quiet and magical in it's gentleness amidst the business of the city.

I turned right again and headed toward the piers.  I noticed a sign identifying a scenic walkway.  Why not?  I followed the pathway down a pier with a series of office buildings lining the center.   I chuckled to myself as I passed a trainer and group of clients as they shuffled back and forth with elastics around their ankles.  That seems to be a popular thing these days, boot camp out on the Embarcadero, where everyone can see you.  I suppose that's supposed to be motivating?  I'd be embarrassed.  I made it to the end of the pier and followed it back around the opposite side of the building back to the street, passing a homeless man sitting on one of the dozen or so benches.  He was looking out across the bay.  He didn't look disheveled and didn't have the ubiquitous shopping cart loaded with crap, but I did notice that haven't-showered-in-a-while scent as I walked by.

I looked at my watch and realized I had 5 minutes to make it back, knowing it would take me at least 10.  I sucked it up and figured I'd just have to be late.  I took the most direct route back to the office, which happened to put me outside the Federal Bank and next to a handful of Occupy SF protesters.  I suppose they could have just been homeless, sometimes it's hard to tell.  But, there were two clean cut older men trying to hand out flyers as I passed.  They didn't seem to fit the image of the stereotypical Occupy protester.

As I made it back inside and arrived back at my desk I felt warmer than I did before I left for the walk.  I felt so cozy.  And I felt so glad that I went out in the crappy weather and wondered why I ever thought overcast skies or rainy clouds were ever a good enough reason to keep me inside at lunch afternoon.  Thank you Chris for your inspiration and your wisdom :)

And, for the sake of having a picture, this is what it looks like when I'm at the computer typing up a blog post.  "Rolls" makes himself right at home on my lap.  I love it!

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