Friday, March 2, 2012

Carpe Diem 6

Today I did something simple to seize the day. Since the HubLub was invited out after work by his boss, my evening was suddenly wide open. I decided I was going to go grab some dinner and have a chill evening.

Then I thought about it more and decided to take it a bit further. I decided to go some place new and some place I like but the HubLub doesn't. So walked home from Bart and went straight to the car and drove to a newish Indian restaurant I've been curious about and have been unsuccessful in convincing Ian to try.

I walked in the door, looked around and quickly surmised this was a legit restaurant. Complete with waiter. Uh oh. I'd already committed by walking through the door, so when the waiter asked "How many?" I replied, "One."

I sat down, checked out the menu and ordered the most popular items - chicken tikki masala and a side of naan. I pulled out my kindle and read. At a table for four. By myself. I owned it and didn't feel too self conscious. I just acted like I do that all the time :)

The food was really good and I recommend it, although it's a bit pricey to me.

So, another day, another adventure. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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