Saturday, March 3, 2012

Carpe Diem 7

Today was awesome. First, I went for a run in the hills. It was gorgeous and inspiring. It's my new favorite place to run now. It really set the tone for an incredible day.

Later, I had breakfast with a friend from high school. We have been Facebook friends for a while but haven't hung out since high school. We actually reconnected at Chris' memorial last week. She's a runner too, so we'll be going for a run some time soon. I'm kicking myself for not keeping in touch with her, she's so rad. I'm totally stoked.

In the afternoon, the HubLub and I went for a walk and took pictures at the reservoir. It was such and amazing day; the sun was out and the skies were blue. It felt so good to be out and about, it reinvigorated my spirit. There's just something about the sunshine and nature that puts a smile on my face.

The cherries on the top though were a Facebook message from a person I really respect who told me they appreciate these posts, and a Facebook tag from a friend who was inspired to do a project with her daughter because of the posts. Thanks everyone so much for reading my blog, and for paying it forward! I'm so humbled by the support.

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