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Favorite Friday: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber

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 A long time ago, I used to do a weekly Favorite Friday post about a product I really liked and wanted to share.  I stopped because I was running out of things that I absolutely loved, until now.  So, here's a brand new Favorite Friday for you.

Back in college I cleaned houses to help pay the bills.  I used lots of different products to clean bath tubs and showers, which I hated cleaning even more than toilets.  First of all, it's really awkward to clean and rinse without actually getting in the shower and getting wet.  Second, soap scum is really difficult to clean.  There were a lot of decent and good products I used, but nothing that I was super happy with all around.

(Disclaimer: I'm sure if you're on Pinterest you've doubtless come across a million home remedies for magical cleaners.  I can't speak to those - I've always been curious to try them but have never taken the time.  Oh, and I'm sure there are more economical and environmentally friendly products, but again, I'm not going to speak to those options.)

I bought Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber and thought for once there's truth in advertising - it really worked like "magic."  In the past I'd used the regular Magic Eraser and was pretty happy with it, so I was curious about the Bath Scrubber.  In the pack I bought at Target I got two white scrubber pads with some grooves in it.  They are about the size and thickness of a regular sponge.  The directions tell you to get it wet and squeeze it a few times to get the cleanser activated and it foams a little bit to let you know it's ready to go.  Then you scrub away and rinse the soap scum down the drain.  Simple as that.  For tougher soap scum, I had to go over certain areas to get through all the layers.  It took some patience, but it worked, and was worth the extra effort.

To know if this is a product that will work for you, I think you should know my cleaning routine.  I have a tile shower tub with glass doors.  Every day after showering we squeegie the glass doors, and about once a week I take Soft Scrub and an old rag and go over all the surfaces.  This weekly maintenance does a pretty good job.  But, after a month or so, I can notice the build up on the floor and the glass.  That's when I break out the Bath Scrubber.

Be warned, this is pretty much a one-use product.  Maybe you can get away with two uses if you're starting out with a tub that's in good shape.  You'll find the scrubber starts breaking apart, and without the built in cleanser, it doesn't do nearly as good a job at getting the soap scum.

Have you tried the Bath Scrubber?  What do you think?  Comments below.

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