Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween Door Wreath Tutorial

I was wandering Target a few weeks ago looking at the Halloween decorations and thinking of what I wanted to decorate our place with.  Nothing quite seemed right.  I felt like Goldilocks-things were either too juvenile or too scary.  That is, until I came across this Black Halloween Wreath from the BotanikaStudio shop on Etsy.  It was the perfect combination of sophistication and simplicity.  The shop owner has other beautiful decorations in her shop if you check her out.  (psst - she's running a 20% Halloween decorations promotion!)  Full disclosure - she has no idea who I am and I don't get anything for sharing this information.  When I find something cool, I just need to share.

Image from BotanikaStudio on Etsy.

I was just about to order the wreath from the shop when I realized it was less than 12 inches wide, and would be shipped from Poland.  I wanted something a bit bigger and right away, so I decided to try to recreate it myself.  It's pretty simple, and I hate to call this a "tutorial" but here you go anyway.

I took a trip to Joann's with the inspiration image on my phone and some coupons.  Out the door it cost me $33.91, but if I didn't have to buy a glue gun or spray paint it would have cost me $15 less.  And, I ended up picking out a $12.99 wreath instead of the $3 one.  Oh well.

Speaking of the wreath.  I was deciding between a larger and thinner version of the wreath in the inspiration photo, but the more I looked at it the more I realized it would just look too overwhelming on the door to our apartment.  So, I went with a fuller wreath that still kept the character of the inspiration.

When I got home the first thing I did was grab a large empty cardboard box (we tend to have a LOT of those around our place . . . thank you Amazon Prime?)  I took the box, wreath, and some Rustoleum Satin spray paint out to my patio.  Thanks to my friend Janette over at Style With Cents, I know how amazing Rustoleum is and it never occurred to me to try another brand (and after using it I agree, it's pretty awesome :).

This was my very first spray paint experience ever, so I read the instructions twice and let 'er rip!  I did two coats on the front, and then waited over night and did two coats on the back and made sure I covered the sides.

A few hours later I brought the dry wreath inside and started laying out my ribbon and made a bow and laid out the Martha Stewart paper bats.  (The bats and stars in the inspiration photo are wood, a much preferred material.)  Then I used the glue gun to keep them in place.

Finally, I used a 3M Command hook to hang the wreath on the front door.  At the last minute I spray painted the top black so it blended in better with the door and wreath.  Our front door is so dark that I couldn't get a decent picture, so this shot gives a better idea of the finished project.

I'm happy with the final product.  It was a very quick project, besides the drying time for the spray paint.

My supply list from Joann's: Rustoleum Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Canyon Black Satin spray paint, mini glue gun kit, Martha Stewart Bat Cave Silhouettes, 1 yard black and white polka dot wired ribbon, and wispy wreath.

Comment below if you have any thoughts or questions on this project.

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