I am ErinLub and I love homemaking.  The inspiration, and name, for my blog comes from the hymn Love at Home, and the lyrics "There is beauty all around when there's love at home . . . "  which is ironic because my mom used to start singing this whenever us six kids were fighting.  We would just roll our eyes and shake our heads.  But, now that I'm an adult the hymn has greater meaning for me.  I firmly believe that when we have love in our homes, things seem a whole lot more manageable.  Things aren't any easier, but our ability to confront challenges is greater.  It's my hope to share through this blog some of the ways I show my love at home through the meals my husband, the HubLub, and I make, the craft projects I attempt, and the experiences we have.  Hopefully there's something here you can take with you to help you grow more love in your home, too.